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Our all-glass doors are characterized by maximum individuality. All objects are individually configured for you and produced on our in-house LAMIPRESS® systems. Far beyond the design aspect, we offer you an additional safety aspect with our all-glass doors made of laminated glass. The LAMIPRESS® process guarantees the highest level of quality. We are therefore able to produce any batch size from individual items to objects.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum individuality
  • Free choice of motifs, laminated films (EVA, adhesive films, Satinato film, printed PVB) and glass (float, ESG, TVG, white glass, parsol grey, etc.)
  • Standard and special sizes available
  • Additional safety aspect through laminated glass
  • Top quality (in the surface as well as on the edges)
  • Lot sizes from single pieces to objects
  • Orders can be placed as a complete package or in wage labor
  • We also offer you detailed technical advice and sampling
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