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Laminating glass with different systems

In order to create comparability among the current laminating systems, they are each defined based on 6 attributes and shown graphically in the following diagrams.

For a better overview, LAMIPRESS® is included in each diagram.

Glass laminators in comparison
basis - comparability - categorization regarding:

Number of employees per shift
Training level of these employees

Operational efficiency:
Energy efficiency & consumables
Continuous material flow

Cycle times
Preparation effort

Product portfolio:
Number of different products
Quality and reject rate of these products

square meters per cycle / shift / year

Acquisition costs
Price-performance ratio

LAMIPRESS® - laminating high-quality glass flexibly and efficiently

Autoclave with nip-roll line - the conventional process for laminating glass.

Autoclave with vacuum bags - when producing basic laminates alone is not enough

Autoclave with nip-roll line and vacuum bags - loss of mass advantage

Autoclave-free vacuum ovens - The cheap alternative from the PV industry

Options on the market to laminate glass:


Autoclave with vacuum bags (Gray)

Autoclave-free vacuum ovens (Red)

Autoclave with nip-roll line (Yellow)

Combination of autoclave with nip-roll line and vacuum bags (Green)

Use the LAMIPRESS® for your success!

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