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PVB film and SentryGlas will not work with autoclave-free laminators....

..that's why LAMIPRESS® works with the worldwide patented autoclave overpressure process.

Certified quality without nip-roll, without vessel and without vacuum bags.

LAMIPRESS® - Everybody's Autoclave - The PRESSure makes the difference.


Tailor-made for 50-800 sqm per day with only 3-4 employees per shift


Laminating time from 45 minutes for PVB film and SentryGlas


under 1% failure rate
under 10 kW/h consumption per sqm

Process reliability for every laminated glass production

New entry into the laminate glass business?

With the LAMIPRESS® you take a large part of the value creation and customer satisfaction into your own hands and the modular system grows with increasing throughput also at a later date.

Are you already producing laminated safety glass?

Use the LAMIPRESS® for complex PVB and SentryGlas laminates and create up to 30% more capacity just on the existing lamination line. You also save the time of building error-prone vacuum bags.

LAMIPRESS® customers and partners

Use the LAMIPRESS® for your success!

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