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The success factors

The LAMIPRESS® was developed to become independent of external flat glass refiners and to meet the highest quality standards. During development, however, it quickly became apparent that the innovative technology and process engineering had significantly more performance potential.

Temperature performance, overpressure and vacuum are superior to any autoclave-free system

Unique technology
The worldwide patented carrier system replaces the pressure vessel of the autoclave technology

Individually adaptable
A modular system that adapts the machine size to the conditions of the production site

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency in operation, especially compared to conventional processes (autoclave and autoclave-free systems)

Easy handling
Low maintenance requirements and simple operation ensure a smooth production process

training on site
Free and detailed training of your employees as well as competent support during the initial operation

High product variety, fast
production times and significant
Energy Saving

Flexibly applicable

Take advantage of the high product variety of the LAMIPRESS
in the use of glass and composite materials:

Unlimited production variety
PVB and EVA films, special film types and combinations of different film types
Functional end products: Fire protection glass, SentryGlas®, switchable glass and much more

Simply faster

Offer your customers shorter delivery times. Faster production means more orders for your company and at the same time an increase in your turnover.

The fastest laminated safety glass in the world, with cycle times of less than approx. 30-45 minutes (with optimum process design)



In developing the LAMIPRESS® we focused not only on high product quality, but also on energy- and cost-efficient operation.

Calculable acquisition costs, due to machine parameters adapted to your needs
Low operating costs due to the use of an energy-efficient process (approx. 9 kWh/m2 heating surface per cycle)
Attractive entry price: fully production-capable even as a compact class

Any questions? Gladly we stand
at your disposal.

Transparent and open communication is very important to us. We know from experience that a new technology must first be accepted by the customer. But you are quickly convinced of the quality of LAMIPRESS®, for example by sampling your own product range. We would like to invite you to visit us in Marl and look forward to seeing you there.

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